Easy Guide To Training a Small Puppy

small dog puppy

Many pet owners take their small breed dogs to group classes or watch training videos, and find that their dogs struggle a little more than some larger breeds. Though the basic training concepts remain the same, some small details can make all the difference when you’re training a small puppy. This is the primary reason … Read more

5 Small Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed

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If you’ve ever had a Shetland Sheepdog or a Golden Retriever, you know that some dogs can do some serious shedding. However, not all breeds of dogs shed their hair. Instead of shedding their coat once or twice per year, some breeds of dogs have hair that doesn’t shed. That doesn’t mean that they are … Read more

3 Best Small Dogs for Kids

Cavalier playing with Kids

If you have children, you might wonder which breeds are the best small dogs for kids. Before you consider a new pet for your family, it is incredibly important that we go over a few imperative notes. The first and foremost, just because a dog is friendly towards children does not mean you should leave … Read more

4 Secrets of Small Dog Training

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If you have a small breed dog, the way you approach their care and training matters!  Small dog training doesn’t always look the same as training large breeds, and small dogs have different needs and considerations during the training process. Life is not one-size-fits-all, and neither is dog training! 1. Potty Training Small Dogs is … Read more

Rescue Dog Training Guide, Top 3 Tips Revealed

rescue dog on the grass

Bringing home a rescue dog can be an incredibly rewarding experience, but you might be concerned about how you should approach rescue dog training. Training an adopted dog can definitely pose a challenge for some pet owners. However, for most rescue dogs you can use these three tips to help them get off on the … Read more

Top 10 Best Small Dogs of All Times


There are many different breeds of small dogs, and each has its own quirks and benefits. Below, we discuss our top ten favorite small dog breeds. Learn a little more about each breed, why they make good pets, and what to watch out for, below. 1 – Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are … Read more

15 Cute Small Dog Breeds for Fun & Companionship

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For the Love of Small Dogs! Dogs are wonderful companions that come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, specially small dog breeds. While large breed dogs can be wonderful pets, sometimes a 50+ lb. dog just doesn’t fit your lifestyle, or your apartment’s size restrictions!  While every dog breed is different, and not … Read more