Therapy Dog Training: Would Your Dog Make a Good Therapy Dog?

Unlike a service dog, who is trained to provide behaviors that specifically assist a disabled person, a therapy dog provides general support to multiple people. Where a service dog has its training and behavior tailored to a single person, a therapy dog does not provide assistance to a single person, but multiple people on a … Read more

Teacup Puppies

People love the allure of teacup puppies. What’s not to love? An adorable little pup that is just ridiculously tiny… you sometimes can’t tell if it’s a dog or a stuffed animal! However, when it comes to teacup puppies, you should remember a few key facts. Teacup Puppies and the AKC The AKC (or American … Read more

The Most Popular Small White Dog Breeds

A number of different small white dogs exist, and today we will tackle a handful of the most popular small breeds with white coats! Though each breed is different, some breeds also feature other color patterns or coats, such as chihuahuas, but all of the following commonly have individuals with all-white fur. Maltese This breed … Read more

Dog Obedience Training Secrets

Everyone wants an obedient and well-behaved dog, but dog obedience training is more than just treats and praise. Teaching your dog new things and maintaining their behavior after the treats go away is about utilizing many different concepts and principles to work with your dog. In all of our dog training programs, we focus on … Read more

All About the Bichon Maltese!

bichon maltese running

The Bichon Maltese, sometimes simply known as the Maltese, is a small breed of dog with a silky white coat and a spunky little personality. This breed is quite common and popular across the globe. Bichon Maltese look quite similar to the other Bichon breeds; the Bichon Frise, Bichon Bolognese, and the Bichon Havanais. If … Read more

Tips for Training Your Small Breed Rescue Dog

Small rescue dogs can prove to be just as much of a challenge as large breeds! In fact, in many cases, these little pups have even more attitude than their larger cousins. Rescue dogs come with their own unique set of challenges and hurdles.  While we don’t always know exactly what our small rescue dogs … Read more

Easy Guide to Potty Training Small Dogs

Let’s face it, for some reason it can actually be harder to potty train small dogs than other, larger, breeds! Smaller bladders simply can’t “hold it” quite as long as larger ones can. Some breeds, such as dachshunds, seem to be some of the hardest small dogs to potty train. Thankfully, regardless of the breed … Read more

Top 5 Smartest Small Dogs Breeds

Shetland Sheepdog

We all want smart pets. What could be better than a dog that learns quickly and is easy to train? Even if you want a dog that is a smaller companion, you might want to choose a naturally intelligent breed as your pet. People bred dogs for a wide variety of different tasks, and that … Read more

3 Cute Calm Small Dog Breeds

pekingese dog looking

Some people get a dog to go hiking and jogging with them, and play long games of fetch until the sun goes down. Other people prefer a dog who is calm and relaxed, and preferably fits right in their lap for easy cuddling! These three breeds all have backgrounds in companionship and calm behavior, making … Read more