ATTENTION SMALL DOG OWNERS! For Owners of French Bulldogs, Beagles, Toy Poodles, Yorkshire Terriers, Dachshunds, Shih Tzus and all the other loving little dogs!

Reclusive exotic animal trainer from Florida reveals…

Why Almost Everyone is Wrong About Small Dog Training…

Discover the most effective secrets to Eliminate the undesired behaviors of spoiled and untrained small dogs…

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Dear Friend,

You too can own a well behaved and obedient small dog you’re proud to take out in public…even if you’ve tried books, group classes, or even spent a fortune on private dog training with little or no results.

Here's the problem keeping you from enjoying that personal bond with your little furbaby…

Trainers and Owners Are Often CLUELESS When It Comes to the Subtle Differences Of Training Small Dogs

big and small dog
Training small dogs is different

Most trainers and dog training advice ignore that small dogs are different and should be trained and treated for who they really are.

I experienced this the hard way.  After taking my new dog to Puppy School I left with more questions than answers…

How to keep this little creature safe? How to train him in a small area? How to make eye contact? How to deal with barking?

And they didn’t even talk about potty training! (can you believe they didn’t cover this?)

The training was focused on big dog owners. And 70% of the class had small dogs. At least I didn't feel alone.

Small dogs can be fragile, stubborn, and have higher metabolic rates.  They need different handling, have different health issues, and experience more dangers when outside compared to larger dogs…

For example, have you considered the risks for your small dog when it plays at a park with larger dogs?  What happens if your little baby doesn’t come when called…consistently, each and every time?  That one time it doesn’t listen could spell disaster.

Have you thought about how you appear to your small dog when you bend over them?  You’re huge (at least to them)…and even though they love you, it can appear intimidating…and causes anxiety that keeps them from learning.

In addition, food rewards are one of the easiest ways to reinforce correct behavior.  But little dogs fill up quickly because of their smaller stomachs…and a dog with a tummy ache isn’t going to focus.

Your small dog may appear to be behind the larger dogs when it goes to puppy class…but that is often caused by training techniques focused on the larger breeds…without giving attention to small dogs’ unique characteristics.

And more and more families are choosing small dogs

According to the American Kennel Club there has been a 245% increase in registration for French Bulldogs alone over the last 10 years.

It means a lot of these little dogs live in small apartments, with no backyards and with parents working full time. And live lives of constant boredom.

The result is…

Spoiled and untrained dogs…

Now if this describes your situation, it's not your fault…

Most of dog training advice out there is generic and geared towards larger dogs. And hard to apply to small dogs.

Traditional training methods don’t work well with little dogs. You may have had the stomach-wrenching experience of giving your dog the same kind of tug on the leash given to a Labrador, just to see your poor little pooch fly through the air.

And this is only the beginning …

And you know what makes me feel soooo sad? We see more and more small dogs in rescue that are only there because they have been spoiled rotten and have turned into naughty little creatures ….. 

If you love your dog and he loves you, but you are struggling to have a well behaved fur baby… then this message is crucial to you.

Or… if you don't currently own a dog but plan to get a small breed puppy soon… you should also read this message immediately.

Because you're about to discover how to DEBUNK the painfully conflicting  “dog training myths”… so you can start enjoying an incredible life with your small dog. As fast as possible.

From No-Clue Dog Owner to Proud Parent
“Why I had To Hide the Dog From My Wife”

Mark Myer
Mark Myer - small dog owner

My name is Mark Myer and I live in Sydney, Australia.

I was a no-clue first time small dog owner. My kids begged to have a dog and my wife refused. “Too much work”.

I brought our puppy home when she left for an overseas business trip and I had no idea what to do…

How to housetrain our little dog? How to walk him on a leash? What to feed him? How to stop the barking?

I did what most ‘experts’ recommend to new dog owners and took him to Puppy School.  But it was a disaster for all the reasons mentioned above.  The trainers focused on the large dogs.  It was too noisy and distracting.  It seemed like we were worse off by the end of it!. 

And I was desperate.  I had to potty train our fur baby before my wife arrived.

So I did something that doesn’t come naturally to me.  I asked for help!

Luckily,  I met a certified professional dog trainer from Florida, Marina Somma. Her expertise in exotic animal training and dog behavioral issues transformed my relationship with my new puppy.  In only a few days he was housetrained.

Once I experienced these dramatic changes in such a short period, I had to share them with other small dog owners.

But first, let's get something very important out in the open. Something that makes certain people uncomfortable.

SMALL DOGS Are not Fashion Accessories!
“The Veruca Effect”

dog in a purse

I meet so many small dog owners who naively believe small dogs are fashion accessories and training is optional.  If any problem arises they just pick up their dog and hope everything will be fine, just because their baby is “too cute”.

But this is one of the biggest mistakes a small dog owner can make.

Unfortunately, small dogs have earned an unfair reputation. There’s no reason for them to become little naughty fur babies they’re reputed to be.

They can turn into obnoxious miniature spoiled brats if they are untrained.

This is known as “The Veruca Effect”.

Your small fur companion begs  for your attention and needs to be gently and positively obedience trained.

The good news is that when you tap into right system (specifically designed for small dogs)…

It’s Easy to Fix Even the Hardest
Small Dog Behavioral Problems

Have you experienced any of these problems?

If yes, you don’t have to take it for another moment…

Your dog is supposed to be a fun and enjoyable companion that will make you happy for many years to come. 

But even the best and most loving dog owners in the world, with the greatest treats and backyards in the world, will struggle and suffer… and even lose hope… without a proven, predictable and reliable system that …

Raises a Good and Well Behaved Small Dog!

Never in the history of mankind with more busy people getting small dogs for companionship, have we been in a more precarious position. We live in a time-poor era…

And there is so much conflicting information about training, food, grooming…

That is really hard to keep up.

For example, it’s easy to be fooled by these outdated “dominance theory” methods … that should be enough to make your dog obedient.

It may have worked for some people… but it sure doesn’t work for most.

While some people seem to thrive with their dogs…Most don't!

Here is the deal…

In spite of the “perfect” trainers with their “perfect” dogs in the hard-to-believe Youtube videos …

Our Lives Are Not Perfect

You may not have access to a professional dog trainer

You may not have a luxurious  backyard or a big house

You may not have time to train your dog everyday

You may have to leave your dog home while at work

You may not have time to sift through the massive amount of information to find relevant tips on small dogs

That is why now it's more important than ever to have total CONTROL over your dog using a rock-solid foundation of…

Proven, Time Tested, Highly Effective
Dog Training Principles That WORK!

And I don't want small dog owners to feel alone and lost for advice that really works anymore. This is my mission.

So I joined forces with Marina to build a complete easy-to-follow Small Dogs online training course…

Dog Savvy – Small Dog Training Made Easy
The Amazing Secrets of The Most Well Behaved Little Dogs

What's Dog Savvy?

It's a unique and exclusive approach 100% designed for small dog owners. It helps you quickly take control of your little one, fix behavioral issues and start fully enjoying the experience of having a dog.

Here's just a small sample of the secrets you'll discover:

MODULE 1 – Small Dogs Are Not Alone Anymore
Why You Should Train Your Small Dog

MODULE 2 – World of Small Dogs

Want the best chance of success with your small companion? Discover the little-understood differences from small and larger breeds:

MODULE 3 – Scientific and Bullet Proof Small Dog Training

Easy Puppy Training

The hassle-free step by step guide to puppy training done right the first time… even if you've never had a dog before:

The Ultimate Guide to Eliminate & Prevent Behavioral Issues
in Puppies and Adult Dogs

Plus fixing other issues including: crying, howling, separation anxiety, over excitement, begging for food, fear of objects …

And More

It doesn’t matter if you just got your new puppy or have an adult dog. I’m going to show you EVERYTHING you need for an obedient small dog fast… so you can start enjoying the pleasure and peace of mind you’ve always dreamed about.

Here's What You Get 

With your investment in Dog Savvy – Small Dog Training Made Easy … you get 4 hours of easy to follow small dog training videos crammed full of the following components and bonus:

So you won’t miss out on these new discoveries, you’ll get lifetime updates to my Dog Savvy – Small Dog Training Made Easy video course.

As I come across new information, I’ll record and add a new video inside the learning platform.  You won’t get that offer with any dog obedience class or in-person trainer at ANY price ($300+ value minimum)

In case you haven’t added it all up…

That’s a total value of $900!

But don’t freak out… you’re not going to invest anywhere NEAR that.

By the way… have you ever thought about how much it would cost to attend dog training classes that not even address small dog issues?

At least $100. And you normally learn only the bare basics.

And a residential dog trainer that would need to spend a few hours to really help your dog improve a specific behavior?

Close to $500. What about everything else you need to learn?

Have you heard of obedience board kennel schools? They cost between $75 and $125 a day. Leave your dog with them for 30 days and that will cost you anywhere from $2,225 and $3,750.

And 4 hours of private training session with Marina Somma would cost you at least $600.

In addition to the $900.00 worth of specific and unique small dog training you’ll get with your investment in Dog Savvy – Small Dog Training Made Easy… 

You’ll Also Get This Bonus…
An Extra $27.00 Value… Absolutely FREE!

FREE Bonus #1
“Dog Savvy Cheat Sheets”

Imagine your dog barking when you are just ready to go to bed. Would you turn your computer and search for the stop barking video? Probably not.

That is why I created the “no-brainer” Dog Savvy Cheat Sheets with quick and easy to implement tips on how to deal with key behavioral issues and small dog training principles.

Print or download to your mobile phone for quick access in the middle of the night, in the dog park or when you are frustrated with potty training. ($27.00 value)

I’m cramming 5+ years of scientific dog training and behavioral consulting experience into this course… and providing at least 100 times more value than what you’re going to invest.

But know this…

This isn’t for everybody.

I’ve taken several steps to repel the kind of dog owners that are not interested in the wellbeing of their fur babies… so the fact you’re still with me at this point is a pretty good indication you’re the right person for my Dog Savvy – Small Dog Training Made Easy… 

But just in case my little screening process has allowed a few undesirables to slip through the cracks… let me tell you who does NOT qualify.

If you’re the type of dog owner who is isn’t willing to invest a few minutes a day to train your small dog to become a well behaved and loving pooch… and keep him safe this isn’t for you.You can stop reading right now.

So who DOES qualify?

You sincerely want to discover the knowledge to raise a good and obedient small dog that can be a loving companion for years to come with only a part-time commitment…

…You’re open-minded and…

…You’re a big boy or girl who understands your dog deserves at least a little bit of your attention…

…Then you’re in!

Let’s Recap…

When you invest in Dog Savvy – Small Dog Training Made Easy you get…

$900.00 worth of exclusive small dog training videos revealing Marina's best dog obedience techniques and secrets… and…

$27.00 in FREE bonus…

…It normally costs $47 upfront to get access to Dog Savvy, but today you can access the entire course for the low investment of $1 trial for 7 days. Cancel any time within 7 days. After that it's $46.

That’s less than a dog training class.

That’s less than a single hour with a professional dog trainer.

And you get lifetime access to all the training…to review as often as you want…to train your small dog today…and any dogs you may bring into your family in the future.  All for one low price.

And that works out to only $1.56 a day when spread out over 30 days

Heck, you’ll spend more than that on a cup of coffee a day..?

Plus, I want you to feel completely confident about your investment in Dog Savvy – Small Dog Training Made Easy… so you’re completely covered by my…


100% Risk Free Guarantee

If you’re not happy with Dog Savvy – Small Dog Training Made Easy for any reason whatsoever… just return it within the first 30 days and…

I’ll Refund Every Penny You Invested!

No conditions, no weasel clauses, no hassles… and no hard feelings.

And you can keep the bonus as my gift for giving the program a try.

You get to discover all my best small dog training secrets and put them into action risk free for 30 days… and you can get all your money back if you’re not satisfied… AND keep the bonus.

I think that’s more than fair, don’t you?

See, I’ve tried a few training options with little results… and it doesn’t feel good.

Frankly, I felt frustrated and hopeless.

I don’t ever in a million years want YOU to feel the same.

I want you to be overwhelmingly THRILLED with your investment in Dog Savvy – Small Dog Training Made Easy…

You have my word on that.

Click below to reserve your very own copy of Dog Savvy – Small Dog Training Made Easy:

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It normally costs $47 upfront to get access to Dog Savvy, but today you can access the entire course for the low investment of $1 trial for 7 days. Cancel any time within 7 days. After that it's $46…and you own it forever.

We’ve covered a LOT of ground today…

You Risk Nothing By Saying “Maybe”
You Risk Everything By Saying “No” 

By now I’m sure you understand how these secrets and techniques can dramatically transform your life with your dog … in RECORD time.

This is the EXACT same blueprint that completely changed the way I interact with my small dog and helped me solve most undesired behaviors.

I’ve only ever shared these secrets with a handful of people… and now I’m presenting YOU the opportunity to learn with me and get over $900.00 worth of dog training and behavioral consulting for only PENNIES on the dollar.

You’re only ONE CLICK AWAY from finally eliminating all your frustrating dog issues and having the dog of your dreams …

If you’re the person I think you are… here’s what you need to do right now…

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As soon as you get started, you’ll have access to the BEST system for training small dogs that allows you to live an enjoyable life with your fur baby.

I’m looking forward to seeing you in the members area. It’s gonna be a fun ride.

All the best,

Mark Myer



Hear what other small dog owners have said about Marina

“Marina is the dog whisperer. She is very talented with her training. My little Puggy has been soooo much better with her help even after one session after the second and we had been trying to get her for three weeks to get her to knock over the play and feed Kong. She actually started pushing it over to get the food out.

She also was a bitter and that stopped after the first session. Hyperactive – she is now much calmer and not biting all.

I have to say is WOW what a wonderful trainer I give her a 10 plus and you would be lucky to get her as your trainer!!!”

Marcy C. – Small Dog: Pug

“Charlie had his second training yesterday, did great. Highly recommend to anyone needing a trainer. Very knowledgeable..!!!”

Kellie W. – Small Dog: Yorkshire terrier

“Marina did a wonderful job training our 4 month old King Charles Spaniel, Rosie. She showed us many different techniques to use with Rosie that we still use today. Rosie is now coming up on 2 years old and listens well. Thanks Marina!”

Steve E. – Small Dog: King Charles Spaniel

“She was very friendly and had a lot of knowledge which she shared with us to help with our two puppies. All information she has suggested has helped tremendously!

Margaret K. – Small Dog: Spaniel mix

Click below to reserve your very own copy of Dog Savvy – Small Dog Training Made Easy:

Try It Out For Just $1  Today