3 Secrets to a Well-Behaved Small Dog That ALWAYS Listens When Called, Walks Calmly In All Situations, and Makes You Proud to Show Off to Your Friends

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  • The single most effective way to potty train your dog. So it always know where to go even if left unattended in a small apartment. Reclaim your messy house and recover the fun of having a dog.
  • How to turn OFF the barking alarm of your small dog. New discovery from Scientific American reveals what dogs are saying when they bark. Use this trick and achieve the peace of mind that no person, animal or sound can trigger your little one.
  • How to use the secret of “bridging” to communicate with your dog and raise a forever obedient pet...no matter how out of control it was before! Feel like the best accomplished and caring parent in the park.
  • The one mistake that puts small dogs in danger when approached by big dogs… and how to use an easy "socialization" trick that keeps them safe in any dangerous situation. (Imagine being in control in a park with other dogs running wild).
  • Finally, Fully Documented, Step By Step, A to Z, Small Dog Training. Why most dog owners and even trainers are dead wrong in how they train their little fur friends. Once and for all you will be able to provide the care your small dog really deserves!

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  • 33 Dog Training Videos - the complete Dog Savvy course including the world of small dogs, small dog training and eliminating behaviors problems. Access 24/7 in all your devices (computer, tablet, mobile phone). More than 4 hours of video training designed by certified professional dog trainer and behavior consultant Marina Somma ($600.00 Value)
  • Easy to learn platform - access all videos on an easy to learn platform with content organised by module and clearly showing what you already watched and finished.
  • MP3 audios of the videos – Download and listen to the audio of every training video on your phone, computer or in your car.
  • PDF Transcripts – You’ll get PDF copies of each video transcription for easy reference to all tricks, tips, and techniques.
  • Quizzes - Fun quizzes that help you fully understand each of the main concepts...guaranteeing you fast results with your current or any future small dogs.
  • Lifetime Updates – I don’t just talk the talk… I walk the walk. I’m still actively in the trenches, constantly testing existing and new training methodology to create loving and obedient dogs. And you’ll stay continually updated on the newest and most advanced training techniques available.

So you won’t miss out on these new discoveries, you’ll get lifetime updates to my Dog Savvy – Small Dog Training Made Easy video course.

As I come across new information, I’ll record and add a new video inside the learning platform.  You won’t get that offer with any dog obedience class or in-person trainer at ANY price ($300+ value minimum)

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That is why I created the “no-brainer” Dog Savvy Cheat Sheets with quick and easy to implement tips on how to deal with key behavioral issues and small dog training principles.

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I will gladly refund every penny… No Questions, No hassles!

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Try It Out For Just $1 Today

It normally costs $47 upfront to get access to Dog Savvy, but today you can access the entire course for the low investment of $1 trial for 7 days. Cancel any time within 7 days. After that it's $46...and you own it forever.

As soon as you get started, you’ll have access to the BEST system for training small dogs that allows you to live an enjoyable life with your fur baby.

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Marina Somma

Hear what other small dog owners have said about Marina

“Marina is the dog whisperer. She is very talented with her training. My little Puggy has been soooo much better with her help even after one session after the second and we had been trying to get her for three weeks to get her to knock over the play and feed Kong. She actually started pushing it over to get the food out.

She also was a bitter and that stopped after the first session. Hyperactive - she is now much calmer and not biting all.

I have to say is WOW what a wonderful trainer I give her a 10 plus and you would be lucky to get her as your trainer!!!"

Marcy C. - Small Dog: Pug

“Marina did a wonderful job training our 4 month old King Charles Spaniel, Rosie. She showed us many different techniques to use with Rosie that we still use today. Rosie is now coming up on 2 years old and listens well. Thanks Marina!”

Kellie W. - Small Dog: King Charles Spaniel

“Charlie had his second training yesterday, did great. Highly recommend to anyone needing a trainer. Very knowledgeable..!!!"

Steve E. - Small Dog: Yorkshire Terrier

“She was very friendly and had a lot of knowledge which she shared with us to help with our two puppies. All information she has suggested has helped tremendously!

Margaret K. - Small Dog: Spaniel mix

Click below to reserve your very own copy of Dog Savvy - Small Dog Training Made Easy:

Try It Out For Just $1 Today

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