"The Truth About Small Dogs"

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“Marina did a wonderful job training our 4 month old King Charles Spaniel, Rosie. She showed us many different techniques to use with Rosie that we still use today. Rosie is now coming up on 2 years old and listens well. Thanks Marina!”
Kellie W. - Dog: King Charles Spaniel
“Charlie had his second training yesterday, did great. Highly recommend to anyone needing a trainer. Very knowledgeable..!!!"
Steve E. - Dog: Yorkshire Terrier
“Marina is the dog whisperer. She is very talented with her training. My little Puggy has been soooo much better with her help. She also was a biter and that stopped after the first session. Hyperactive - she is now much calmer and not biting at all."
pug dog
Marcy C. - Dog: Pug

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Easy Guide to Potty Training Small Dogs

Let’s face it, for some reason it can actually be harder to potty train small dogs than other, larger, breeds! Smaller bladders simply can’t “hold it” quite as long as larger ones can. Some breeds, such as dachshunds, seem to be some of the hardest

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Shetland Sheepdog

Top 5 Smartest Small Dogs Breeds

We all want smart pets. What could be better than a dog that learns quickly and is easy to train? Even if you want a dog that is a smaller companion, you might want to choose a naturally intelligent breed as your pet. People bred

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pekingese dog looking

3 Cute Calm Small Dog Breeds

Some people get a dog to go hiking and jogging with them, and play long games of fetch until the sun goes down. Other people prefer a dog who is calm and relaxed, and preferably fits right in their lap for easy cuddling! These three

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small dog puppy

Easy Guide To Training a Small Puppy

Many pet owners take their small breed dogs to group classes or watch training videos, and find that their dogs struggle a little more than some larger breeds. Though the basic training concepts remain the same, some small details can make all the difference when

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toy poodle dog

5 Small Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed

If you’ve ever had a Shetland Sheepdog or a Golden Retriever, you know that some dogs can do some serious shedding. However, not all breeds of dogs shed their hair. Instead of shedding their coat once or twice per year, some breeds of dogs have

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