The Most Popular Small White Dog Breeds

A number of different small white dogs exist, and today we will tackle a handful of the most popular small breeds with white coats!

Though each breed is different, some breeds also feature other color patterns or coats, such as chihuahuas, but all of the following commonly have individuals with all-white fur.


This breed is arguably the most popular small white dog around. The Maltese have a white coat, which can grow to a quite luxurious length if properly cared for! Typically weighing no more than seven pounds, this pint-sized pup certainly packs a bit of a punch. Maltese often have quite spunky and playful personalities to go along with their petite size.

This breed originated in Ancient Malta, which gave rise to their name “Maltese.” In fact, this little breed has such ancient roots that they graced the laps of the Ancient Greeks and Romans! A lapdog at heart, this little pup has an affectionate nature and enjoys spending time with its owner.

West Highland Terrier

The West Highland Terrier, affectionately known as the “Westie” by most, is another breed with an all-white coat. Not quite as small as the Maltese, westies weigh in around 15 – 20 pounds. They also sport a rather wiry coat texture, rather than a silky coat that the Maltese boast.

This breed isn’t designed for a lifetime of luxury in the laps of royalty. Instead, in typical terrier fashion, the Westie holds its roots in hunting and eradicating vermin. Bred to hunt rats, these spunky little dogs have plenty of energy and street smarts. Just because they’re small, you shouldn’t underestimate these intelligent and charismatic dogs!

Bichon Frise

If you’d like a fluffy white cloud as your personal pet, the Bichon Frise is the pup for you. This breed has curly white fur with plenty of volumes! The perfect trim can leave your Bichon Frise looking absolutely splendid.

This breed has a small stature, but isn’t frail like some of the tinier breeds can feel. It has a sturdy build and a resilient nature, with an absolute overabundance of personality to go alongside. The Bichon Frise wraps up charm, intelligence, and spunk into one nifty package.

The Bichon Frise began its history in popularity, with many well-to-do high standing members of the society keeping them as lapdogs. However, those owners lost their heads in the French Revolution, and the dogs found themselves on the streets. Thankfully for this intelligent breed, street performers found them as perfect additions for their crafty intelligence and agility.

American Eskimo

Speaking of dogs that look like clouds, if the Bichon Frise is a puffy cumulous, the American Eskimo takes the title of the airy and cotton candy-like cirrus. With a long, fluffy double-coat, this breed sports some seriously luxurious white fur!

Not sure just how large of a dog you really need? No worries, you can find the American Eskimo in the tiny toy size, the rather small miniature size, and the more substantial standard size as well! All three sizes hold the same intelligent and charismatic attitude.

Ironically enough, “American Eskimo” dogs have no connection to the northern Indigenous Natives often referred to as “Eskimos.” Instead, their ancestors came from the German Spitz breed, brought over to America by German immigrants. These dogs eventually gave rise to the American Eskimo dog after the beginning of World War I.

Coton de Tulear

Another luxurious-looking little white dog, this breed sports some variety in color. While frequently seen in an all-white coat, this breed can sport splashes of other colors, such as grey or creamy yellow.

Outside of their striking white coat, this breed shines with their bubbly and outright happy personality. They have a playful and entertaining personality and great dedication to their owners. You can spot this happy little dog padding along on the heels of their human as they go about their daily tasks.

Despite the rather French-sounding name, this breed actually sports history as a companion for the royalty of Madagascar. The rulers held close connections with French-speaking nations in western Africa, and thus many still speak French to this day.

In fact, the royalty of Madagascar guarded their charismatic companions so closely that they actually once created laws that prohibited commoners from owning the breed! Thankfully, nowadays anyone who wants a happy little companion can now add a Coton de Tulear to their family.


The least consistently white breed on our list, we still had to feature these spunky little dogs. You can find Chihuahuas in a range of different colors for sure, but one common coloration features a creamy all white-colored coat.

Also among the smallest on this list, these little dogs usually weigh no more than six pounds. They have a rather small stature and feature triangular ears, rounded heads, and two types of coats. Their coats can have either long hair or short smooth hair.

This toy breed takes the crown as a national symbol of Mexico, and also sports a title as one of the oldest dogs in the Americas!

No one is quite certain how the early ancestors of Chihuahuas first came to Mexico, but we do know that the Techichi dog of great popularity about a thousand years ago eventually gave rise to the modern Chihuahua of today! 

Nowadays you can find this popular little breed virtually worldwide and even featured in films on the silver screen.

A number of different small white dog breeds exist across the globe. Some sport great popularity and you can commonly find them at your local park, while others have less common roots.

Regardless, each breed is different and has its own personality, needs, and history. Any addition to your family requires plenty of research and responsibility before you take that leap, so make sure that you are fully prepared for your new pup.

If you need help preparing for a puppy or training a rescue dog, our Dog Savvy Small Dog Training Made Easy course is here to help!

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